The Most Group - AP2

AP2 enables transparency and data driven measurement against performance metrics for Providers

Pain Areas:

  • Payment Accuracy and Reconciliation – VBR is a black box for most providers. They need visibility and transparency into the payment process and the ability to reconcile effectively to ensure that they are paid accurately per the VBR Contracts
  • Incentive Distribution – Providers struggle with Incentives provided at a Group or health system level and how to distribute them at an individual provider level in an objective and performance oriented fashion
  • Transparency – Providers are notified about change in performance levels or their “measures” on the VBR contracts late in the game and as a result are not given enough time to react to correct / improve

AP2 addresses the pain areas as follows:

  • Payment Accuracy and Reconciliation – Providers can configure AP2 to match the VBR contracts with healthcare payers and generate their own payments and reconcile with payments received from the health plans
  • Incentive Distribution – AP2 can be configured to provide distribution of incentives per inputs from Analytics on the individual provider performance
  • Transparency – AP2’s integration with Analytics (especially in cases where AP2 is used by the health plan) enables the providers to track their progress against performance metrics via dynamic dashboards
Ready to get started with AP2?
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