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Only eBenefitSyncTM was created by health plan professionals to meet the requirements of health plans and TPAs.

Proven bottom-line benefits.

  • Improve Speed to Market (45%-70%).
  • High ROI.
  • Increase Data Reuse (90% reduction in Data redundancy).
  • Improve Data Consistency (50% – 60% reduction in errors).
  • Intelligent workflow (50% reduction in cycles between internal teams).
  • Reduce benefit plan implementation costs by 45%-75%.
  • Simplify Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) and PPACA compliance.

Unmatched efficiency and flexibility.

  • Manage the end-to-end benefit plan lifecycle
  • Manage all standard and custom benefit plans across all LOBs and market segments
  • Boost process efficiency and save on temporary staff during open enrollment and other peak periods
  • Integrate stakeholders via intelligent workflow
  • Dynamically design, generate and distribute benefit plan collateral enabling compliance
  • Integrate benefit plan data via Dynamic Web Services and APIs
  • Perform global updates to all bene¬fits plans with mandates and business policy changes
  • Simplify Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) and PPACA compliance

Successful implementation. Guaranteed.

  • The Most Group Leadership team is from health plans and knows what it takes to implement a benefit plan management solution successfully.
  • We guarantee successful implementation where many competitors have failed.  By holding your final invoice until you’re completely satisfied.
The Most Group - Voted Best New Product Healthcare IT Summit Xcellence Awards

eBenefitSync improves speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of the benefit plan design.



Increases Speed-to-Market up to 70%


Data Reusability

Decreases Data Reusability by up to 95%


Data Accuracy

Increases Data Accuracy and consistency up to 80%


Claim Recoveries

Decreases Claim Recoveries up to 70%



Decreases Benefit Maintenance Timeframes up to 60%

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A patent-pending process that’s built for success.


Rolling out an integrated Benefit plan management solution can be time consuming and resource intensive. Our modular approach allows implementation of functionality that addresses critical pain points and creates a roadmap for achieving single source of truth for benefit plan data.

One solution that satisfies all your stakeholders.

A health plan solution only works if your entire company can get behind it; eBenefitSync truly works for all your key constituencies.

For Operations professionals, eBenefitSync delivers cost efficiency and on time, error-free implementation. For sales teams, eBenefitSync shortens the business cycle and boosts ROI by helping you bring more benefit plans to market faster.

eBenefitSync offers on-premise or cloud-based solutions, so it has minimal impact on your IT department.

Large Group Business

Customizing Benefit Plans and communicating complex requirements effectively to internal teams can be challenging. eBenefitSync is a fully integrated Benefit administration platform that combines everything you need into a seamless solution.

Small Group and Individual Business

Complying with regulatory requirements can be challenging. Smaller groups are often under pressure to complete the product configuration ahead of time. eBenefitSync can help manage your portfolio of products in a seamless integrated Benefit Administration Solution.

Sales and Product Teams

We can help you create innovative product designs with minimum manual intervention – to improve speed to market dramatically. Instead of labor-intensive cycles of data entry, sales and product teams can enter benefits data into pre-configured data fields to kick-start a new product offering, or to update the existing benefits on renewals.

With the high degree of product customization that employers increasingly demand, automation is a necessity. Health Plans have to build products that meet regulatory requirements while struggling to ahead of the competition.

Exchange Product Configuration

eBenefitSync’s business friendly front end allows the Exchange product configuration team to capture all the information necessary for the Exchange products and generates the QHP Admin and Plan & Benefit Template seamlessly.

Claims System Benefit Configuration

Accurate Benefit setup in claims systems is dependent on complete and accurate input from Sales and Product Configuration teams. Communication gaps often result in errors and re-work. eBenefitSync ensures that front-end inputs are captured holistically while automatically populating claims systems, which reduces costly errors and shrinks implementation timeframes.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence teams can struggle with layering Benefit information on top of Membership, Provider and Claims data. eBenefitSync is a central repository of all benefit data that facilitates new capabilities for Business and Market intelligence.

Reporting Configuration

eBenefitSync seamlessly integrates with several reporting systems via its dynamic web service layer. The following reporting systems can be integrated:

  • 270/271
  • SBC (out of the box)
  • Benefit Summary reports
  • Member and Provider Portals
  • Customer Service Portal
Ready to get started with eBenefitSync?
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